Max von Baden

Max von Baden

Max von Baden, the heir to the German principality of Baden, was born in 1867. A public opponent of unrestricted submarine warfare, he became leader of the moderates in Germany during 1917. Baden was appointed Chancellor of Germany on 3rd October 1918 and was placed in charge of obtaining a negotiated peace with the Allies.

The Reichstag was deeply divided between socialists demanding the abdication of Wilhelm II and the right-wing who wanted the monarchy to be retained. On 9th November Baden made his decision and announced that Wilhelm would be leaving the country.

Before resigning from office, Baden appointed Frederich Ebert, the leader of the Social Democrat Party(SDP), as Chancellor of Germany. As a result of his actions, Baden was deeply hated by right-wing elements in post-war Germany.

Max von Baden died in 1929.

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