Henry Wilmot

Henry Wilmot

Henry Wilmot was born in 1613. He was elected to the House of Commons where he represented Tamworth in Staffordshire. A supporter of Charles I he was accused in 1641 of plotting against John Pym and other radicals and was expelled from Parliament.

On the outbreak of the Civil War Wilmot joined the Royalists and in 1643 was promoted to Lieutenant General of the Cavalry. He was a competent soldier and was credited with the victory over the Roundheads at Roundway Down in July 1643.

In 1644 Wilmot was accused of corresponding with Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, in a plot to depose Charles I. Henry Wilmot went into exile but later returned to fight at Worcester.

After the defeat of the Royalists he accompanied Charles in his successful escape to France. Henry Wilmot died in Sluys, Netherlands, on 19th February, 1658.

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